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Confessions of a Bead Hoarder Blog

Bead Hoard Curiosities Boxes are Back - Woo Hoo

Posted by Suzanne Branca on

The Word is Out! The First Box Sold Out In Record Time. Don't Miss The Next One.

This news went public on May 23, 2018 .... It's the first box of more to come.  We have been very busy here preparing for the big come back of the bead hoard curiosities boxes. . . But in an even bigger & better way! We are going to have a different box each week. Only 5 of these special boxes will be offered per week. We are filling a Regional A Flat Rate Box full with the vintage goodies you see in the image above for $99.99 which includes shipping. We have valued this box at over $350...Yes, it's an amazing price and these are all old vintage beads & findings, hand picked and packed. Why? Because we want to show you our appreciation! These boxes are being sold on a first come, first served fashion. The first big box will include some really amazing vintage Swarovski crystals, ten strands of some of our biggest vintage faux pearls, Bakelite rings, Chain, Metals, German glass buttons and a nice assortment of glass cabochons and beads. This box has sold out! Don't fret... We will be posting a new box weekly for a while. Make sure you check in with us by signing up for our newsletter to get notices of these fantastic deals.

What is a Baroque Pearl Bead?

What is a Baroque Pearl exactly? I was asked this very question recently. My answer...It's all about the shape! The term baroque is used to describe the shape of the pearl bead in a technical manner of speaking. A baroque pearl can be a little irregular in shape or quite irregular. In fact, they can [...]

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Tourmaline Gemstone Beads Create Pure Joy at A Grain of Sand

We just love tourmaline gemstone beads here at A Grain of Sand. When a shipment comes in, the whole lot of us gals get all excited. We just love to pass the tourmaline beads around and feel the metaphysical elements flow through us. Once we even talked about showering in tourmaline. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Let me [...]

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Cherry Brand Glass Beads: Vintage Bead Spotlight

Cherry Brand Glass Beads: Vintage Bead Spotlight Sometimes here at  A Grain of Sand, we discover some glass beads which are so amazing, we simply must tell you about them. This week, our featured rare finding is vintage Japanese Cherry Brand glass beads and cabochons. These beautiful beads are vintage productions by glass artisans from Osaka, Japan [...]

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Back to the Future

I’m going to brag for a bit before getting down to business.While I was down home for the holidays, I had the opportunity to coach two people through a beading project. These were two people I’d often beaded around, but had never beaded with them. My Mom, and my youngest brother. My brother picked up [...]

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Time, what time?

tried something new this month, a speed challenge! I made every project on this month’s blog in one Saturday morning. And in case you’re wondering no, I did not start my morning at 12 am. I am guilty of putting extreme pressure on myself to always go bigger, be better! There are times when this leads [...]

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In a Seedy Place

Hooray, a box of seed beads. This month’s gonna be a breeze! Sometimes what seems like a breeze is really the beginning of a gale. SO many ways I could take this...should it be vintage beads with new bead shapes? Should I stay true to the kinds of designs the Hoard was meant for? Quick [...]

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I Did The Mash

Before I get going, I have to gush about the new magnetic clasps. So far I've only gotten the long clasps, but the rose gold is most certainly on my list. It is perfect (of course) with the rose gold Swarovski crystal cup chain. made these two bracelets with the sleek clasps. Please excuse the photo [...]

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I'm Stuck On Glue

Somewhere along my beading journey, I picked up the habit of scoffing at glued projects. I suspect this had a lot to do with “Oh, you bead? I do too! I made this necklace!”So I joined the ranks of bead snobs who disdained glue….until I sat back and thought about it. Glue isn't evil. Glue [...]

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Around We Go

This month I wanted to beadweave. I looked upon the contents of the treasure box and saw my opportunity to brush up on my basic skills. But I also didn’t want to get bogged down. So how do a lot of weaving without a lot of waiting? Earrings!My first idea was to weave bands around my [...]

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