Bakelite Beads

We have found Oodles & Oodles of authentic Bakelite beads and other Bakelite jewelry components including rings, hoops, beads and more. Why is Bakelite so special?  It was invented in 1908 and produced through the 1930's.  Bakelite was called the material of a thousand uses. Bakelite was only made for a short period of time and there is no other material out there that compares!  The feel and look of Vintage Bakelite is what has intrigued us here at A Grain of Sand.  These shapes and colors have not been available for years, but now, they have been rediscovered. All of our Bakelite has been tested for authenticity. We will have these Bakelite items available as quickly as we can get them sorted and photographed. Keep checking back for more exciting rare pieces of Bakelite. Check out the AGOS Bead University for more history about Bakelite and our Bakelite beads. f you are looking to replace beads for vintage Bakelite Jewelry or are designing a piece that pays homage to those glorious pieces of yesteryear, our selection of Bakelite stands ready to help you create the ultimate piece. All orders receive free shipping to the U.S. on orders of $50 or more.