Amethyst Beads

Amethyst has long been called the "sobriety stone." In ancient Rome, crushed amethyst gem stone beads were added to wine cups to prevent drunkenness. Amethyst semi-precious gem stones can assist with healing alcoholism, compulsive behaviors, and addictions of all kinds. An amethyst stone brings stability, peace, calm, and balance. The amethyst gem stone brings about courage and inner strength. They have been used to protect against psychic attacks. On the spiritual level, the amethyst stone helps open to communication with angels, telepathy and other psychic abilities. They are excellent stones for meditation or dream work, past life work, and can help you see your path. People also use amethyst stone beads to help ease the pain of grief, and promote happiness. Amethyst semi-precious gemstones are beneficial when dealing with legal problems, and money issues. This can lead to prosperity and abundance. Amethyst gem stone beads are also protection for travelers. Physically amethyst is used to heal the withdrawal symptoms of any sort of addiction, and helps with headaches, insomnia, arthritis, pain relief, circulatory system issues, endocrine system problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, immune system deficiencies, and general healing. Amethyst semi precious stones are associated with the brow and the crown chakras. A Grain of Sand carries a complete line of wholesale amethyst bead selections. Browse for the wholesale amethyst bead collection below. Order today.