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Whether you need a magnet clasp, multi strand or vintage clasp, A Grain of Sand is your clasp dealer.

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We have a wide range of clasps to choose from that will match your chains, gems and jewelry. Browse our magnet clasp, multi-strand, vintage clasp and other jewelry clasp supply merchandise here.

With our magnet, multi-strand, and vintage clasps, you have plenty of options for any of your crafting needs.

Decorative and Vintage Clasps

Clasps are what hold it all together, but can also be an integral decorative piece. When you need a clasp that can be a centerpiece, and not an afterthought, we have the perfect unique piece for your jewelry. We offer many unusual clasps including cameo, vintage, and clasps made out of sterling silver. 

Jewelry makers have long turned to us to find the pieces that they can't locate anywhere else.

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So you want to create stunning pieces for your next jewelry project but don't know where to start? Finding the perfect clasp types that will fit your project will help you build your masterpieces. You can start your new project by choosing the right kind of jewelry clasp. Here are eight different types of jewelry clasps that will add elegance to your project.  

Spring Ring Clasp

Perhaps the most commonly used and well-known type of jewelry clasp, the spring ring clasp is a metal ring with a spring mechanism to attach and remove the jewelry to its other end.

Barrel Clasp

Two barrel-shaped metal pieces screw the jewelry together.

Lobster Clasp

A spring mechanism allows the lobster arm-shaped clasp to connect the two ends of jewelry. It is a more common type of fastener used in various accessories.

Magnetic Clasp

Magnets are used on both ends of the jewelry clasp to attach them. Magnetic clasps are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs.

Toggle Clasp

A toggle clasp offers an aesthetic design to your jewelry fastener. It is made with a long bar on one end and an open shape on the other end to connect the jewelry.

Slide Lock Clasp

This slide lock design allows one tube to slide inside the other and stays in place to attach the accessory. It is commonly found on multi-strand necklaces and bracelets.

S Hook Clasp

The hook is S-shaped and designed to attach the jewelry to the other end by sliding onto the ring of its other end. This type of clasp is considered among the oldest variety of fasteners in the history of jewelry.

Fishhook Clasp

Unlike with the other types of clasps, the fishhook clasp is less popular. The hook is shaped like a fishhook and is fastened to the oval shaped box.