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Jewelry Clasps

Whether you need a magnet clasp, multi strand or vintage clasp, A Grain of Sand is your clasp dealer.

Clasps, Closures, Toggles and More

We have a wide range of clasps to choose from that will match your chains, gems and jewelry. Browse our magnet clasp, multi-strand, vintage clasp and other jewelry clasp supply merchandise here.

With our magnet, multi-strand, and vintage clasps, you have plenty of options for any of your crafting needs.

Decorative and Vintage Clasps

Clasps are what hold it all together, but can also be an integral decorative piece. When you need a clasp that can be a centerpiece, and not an afterthought, we have the perfect unique piece for your jewelry. We offer many unusual clasps including cameo, vintage, and clasps made out of sterling silver. 

Jewelry makers have long turned to us to find the pieces that they can't locate anywhere else.

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With our free shipping in the United States on orders over $50, we are the trusted supplier for many crafters (including some of the top Etsy Sellers).