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Amber Beads

Amber Beads

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Amber beads are sought after for many jewelry designs because of their natural beauty as well as their reputed energy and health benefits.

Natural Amber from the Baltic regions was and is beautiful and extraordinary, full of folklore and history. It still has the fame of the mystic, sacred material of the old that carries on. We bring you natural amber beads from the Baltic regions and the Caribbean. Amber beads have a naturally light weight and a very nice feel to the touch. Amber beads enhance jewelry designs without the heavy weight of other gemstone beads.

Although they are commonly used as spacers or fillers in jewelry, the beads are beautiful and extraordinary.

Amber adds natural beauty to any look, and help convey emotions of peace and emphasize a connection to the energy of the natural world. Crafters in search of natural-looking jewelry usually consider amber beads as a top choice.

Focal beads from natural amber look great regardless of the spacers or fillers used in the jewelry. Unlike other gemstone beads, amber does not add significant weight to your jewelry designs.

Aside from their elegance as jewelry, amber beads are also sold as alternative teething necklaces for babies. For mothers, amber beads from the Baltic regions are known for their curing effects. In fact, the use of natural amber to alleviate teeth pain in babies is an old practice in Australia and in some parts of the world. We never advocate using any beads near a child as they can be a choking hazard.

If you want to buy high-quality amber beads, A Grain of Sand sells some of the finest jewelry items made from natural amber. Enjoy the lightweight material and the nice feel of natural amber in your jewelry.