Cabochons & Stones

We hope you enjoy our vast collection of vintage cabochons. These cabochons are primarily from Japan and West Germany. We have hunted for the most interesting cabochons we could find to enhance your jewelry designs. Please note that some of the stones in these categories are called cabochons but are not all flat backed cabochons. Please read the  full description of each item offered for clarification of whether the item is a cabochon or pointed back stone.What is a cabochon? These unique pieces are a selection of gemstone, glass or other material that has been carefully shaped and polished. These pieces stand out because of their size and weight. We also offer a large array of settings to help you show off this beautiful jewel in its best light. These pieces play a common role in vintage-style cameo jewlery and we are proud to offer one of the most exclusive treasuries of these pieces online.