Micro Diamond Cut Beads

Gemstone beads are among the commonly used materials in the jewelry crafting industry. With the different shapes, colors, textures, and designs of beads, you can brilliantly add natural beauty to any of your projects like an expert crafter.Enhance your designs with high-quality gemstone beads from A Grain of Sand. Add more depths to your crafts with the diverse options from our inventory. Our authentic beads will accentuate your design without sacrificing the elegance of the jewelry. Gemstone beads designs vary in color, pattern, texture, shapes, sizes, and depth. For amateurs, you can work with beads of different shapes such as round, teardrop, donut, coin, cabochon, and more.

Our selection of high-quality gemstone beads will inspire you to become creative with your jewelry projects. You will never run out of ideas for your designs when you work with a fine selection of jewelry materials. Overall, each gemstone beads are unique from one another. This guarantees that each piece of jewelry will be its own work of art.  Check out our inventory and find the best looking beads for your next designs.