Favorite Things

In addition to beads, we love many other things that we think you will want to know about. Yes, beads are amazing but so is being healthy. Jean and I both lost a parent this past to year to long and drawn out illnesses. While caring for these very important people in our lives, we made a commitment to living healthier lives ourselves. Follow us while we blog about our journey to a healthier lifestyle and share with you our discoveries along the way. We hope that you will share your experiences with these products as well at info@agrainofsand.com. 

 We've given up white flour because it has no nutritional value. We absolutely love love love these Cali'flour pizza crusts. Not only can you make pizza, we use them to make sandwiches and wraps too. We crumble them up to make meatballs that are amazing. These crusts are easy and convenient to use and they taste fantastic. Click on the Cali'flour logo to get yours!


Brightech LightView Pro LED Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp



After years of looking for the perfect beading lamp, we have finally found it. We highly recommend the LightView Pro LED Magnifying glass floor lamp with rolling base by Brightech. With a light tap you can adjust both the intensity and the color of the light to get the best view for any project. We love the magnification lens and easy positioning of the arm as well as the sturdy rolling base. We are now able to get an up close and personal look at all of our projects with ease using this new lamp. We've enjoyed working with Brightech magnifying lamp so much that Jean has purchased an additional floor lamp for her 86 year old mother to use for reading the newspaper and working her daily crossword puzzle. Click here to get your very own LightView Pro, you will be glad you did.