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We have a nice selection of fair trade and eco-friendly genuine coral beads. There are very strict rules set in place regarding the importation of coral into the United States. International law protects the rarest and endangered coral in all parts of the world. Many varieties of coral are considered sustainable and in reality grow faster than they are being harvested. We bring to you a selection of natural coral beads that are natural or dyed.  

Coral remains one of the most coveted jewelry pieces on the market today. Of those, the red coral is the most valuable variety among the corals sold for jewelry crafting. Since the ancient days, the natural beauty and luster of coral beads are unmatched. The precious stone is a favorite among women of various ages, social class, and race.

Red coral beads are among the more popular beads for most crafters and collectors. Since the decline of the number of the sea creature that produces the gemstone, jewelry crafters turn to other sources. Red corals grow in the deep and dark parts of the sea. Due to the continuous harvesting of the sea creatures, and the dramatic climate shifts, the habitats have been largely depleted. Today, some of the gemstones produced are from other varieties of corals and then are dyed to the coveted red color.

Coral beads are known for their durability and natural colors. The intense color and shine of the gemstone make it an excellent choice for jewelry crafters and buyers.

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A Grain of Sand offers premium coral beads perfect for your next project. Our selection of high-quality beads is harvested from the different parts of the world. Polished corals increase the shine of the jewelry. Enjoy the jewels of the deep sea when you make your own design with our materials.