Large Hole Freshwater Pearl Beads

Freshwater pearls are elegant choices to any jewelry design. When used as beads, pearls present an attractive look that accents any attire. Today, many jewelry crafters use large hole freshwater pearl beads because of their functionality and the fact that they fit with all type of clothing.

 Since the early times, the pearl's popularity as a symbol of purity is evident throughout history. Kings and Queens wore pearls as a symbol of "being chosen by God".

Beads are perfect for people who prefer designing and crafting their jewelry. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran in jewelry crafting, large hole freshwater pearl beads are must-haves in your list of materials.

For jewelry crafters who prefer stringing beads together, our large hole freshwater pearl beads are perfect for leather cord designs. A Grain of Sand features a selection of the best freshwater pearl beads from all around the world. Check out our quality pearl beads that are available in our inventory below.

Large hole freshwater pearl beads are perfect for stringing on leather cord designs. We have a wonderful selection of these pearl beads drilled with consistent diameter holes. Getting larger holes in pearl beads is a very time consuming process. Enjoy our selection of quality large holed freshwater pearl beads.