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Why not enjoy some pearls that have the look of the real thing at a fraction of the price? Most of our faux pearls are from old, new stock. This means that they have never been used, but have been produced some time ago.

Check out our selection of faux glass, Miriam Haskell pearls and acrylic pearls and have fun with them.

Faux pearl beads are imitations of the real pearls. They look like the real thing but are significantly less expensive. If you're someone who's into these gorgeous gems but just don't have the budget to purchase genuine pearls, faux pearls are great options for you.

Imitation or faux pearls are made up of different materials like glass, shell, ceramic or plastic. They are made to look as gorgeous and as real like the authentic pearls. Fortunately, they don't command the same price since they were just made to look like the more expensive authentic jewels.

Since they are made to look like the real thing, you don't have to worry about the gems looking like fake pearls. An untrained eye will not detect the authenticity of your jewelry. You can tell real pearls from fake pearls through the tooth test by gently rubbing the gem against the front of your teeth.

While there are many faux pearls sold in the market today, the best way to enjoy these elegant gems is to buy them from reliable sources. At A Grain of Sand, we sell selected faux pearl beads that will meet the standards of our customers. Check out our high-quality imitation pearl beads and find out which one will perfectly fit your style.