Confessions of a Crystal Hoarder Blog

Confessions of a Crystal Hoarder Blog

Bi-polar Vortex

Posted by Elizabeth Hamilton on Mar 13th 2014

So, umm, yeah...the weather. 

Yesterday, I was driving to a friend’s house in short sleeves- with the windows down.

Today it’s 33.

So I figured if the weather couldn't give me two similar days in a row, I’d just have to create some continuity myself!

As a long-term Hoarder and Boxer, I have managed to gather up quite a stockpile of supplies. This month I happened to receive a few items in the box that are siblings to what I had in stock.

I had oblong vintage metallic beads from an earlier month, so I took the opportunity to experiment with making pretty much the same necklace two ways. First, I used the conventional multi-strand clasp method, not that you can see it in the photo. It’s a simple 2-strand gunmetal slide clasp. Then I broke out some opaque rounds from my collection. The color inspiration came from a Gucci dyed python print clutch.

For the second version, I dug into the trove of stone beads from my aunt’s estate. This time I made 4 individual necklaces to be used in whatever combination. You can even link them into two opera length necklaces by attaching the longest to the shortest, and the two mid-length together. And yes, I did a lot of color and value sorting before I began to string.

I purchased the faux tortoise hoops when they appeared in new finds. Sorry, they've since sold out- so I’m obviously not the only one who was enamored with them! I also ordered them in a racetrack shape. (I've been making a chunky peyote stitched bookchain style necklace with them.)

I incorporated smaller rings and most of the variety bag of glass beads from the February box. The rings are nestled between two exposed runs of antique copper colored beading wire.

The second ring necklace is more dramatic than bohemian. That’s a Coro necklace as the base. I linked in using 14mm diameter jump rings and metallic danglers that I picked up at the booth. I’ll admit that I thought they were brass round beads, and didn't notice the eyes until I got them home. My mistake turned out to be an advantage!

I am happy enough with this design, that it has me scouring the site looking for ingredients for an all-clear version. And since it would be plastic, I wouldn't have the problem I once had with a crystal quartz necklace...The rounds were so clear (hooray for quality) that they worked like little magnifying glasses on my neck (boo for sunburn polka-dots).

The vintage cut glass beads included in the box had me dreaming more of spring colors than the sleet that’s been everywhere around here. Don’t get me wrong, I love cool weather- it’s a big part of why I left Florida, but I think my hyacinths have given up the ghost. I’m a fan of coral with turquoise, and I traveled to India this month where I was surrounded by color, so I needed to liven things up a bit. And yes, I only made one.

Is this cheating? Well, if the weather can do whatever it c