Confessions of a Crystal Hoarder Blog

Confessions of a Crystal Hoarder Blog

Time, what time?

Posted by Elizabeth Hamilton on Jan 21st 2015

tried something new this month, a speed challenge! I made every project on this month’s blog in one Saturday morning. And in case you’re wondering no, I did not start my morning at 12 am. 

I am guilty of putting extreme pressure on myself to always go bigger, be better! There are times when this leads to my hands being non-productive while my brain spins in circles. I could do this, or I could do this, or…

None of that this month!

I hit the metals first, grabbing two lacey pot metal findings. I’ve been experimenting with powdercoating and painting pot metal (more on that in the months to come) but that morning I reached for my handy Copic markers. They provide alcohol ink, with less mess than my droppers. Blend up my colors with a few dabs of rubbing alcohol, add quick coat of clear spray gloss and earwires, and the first project is taken care of!

Marker frenzy! Project two was this pair of modernist earrings. The parts swing a bit like scissors, but the movement is kind of cool. This time I used the finer nib of my markers to dot on the colors. They also got a coat of spray.

Ok, I had to put away the ink, or it could have gotten silly. I have a long history of not stopping when I should. In kindergarten we did a craft where we made thumbprints. Well, I liked the way the inkpad felt, so I put my whole hands on the pad, and rolled my face across it. My teacher was none too pleased.

This time I had some restraint...I reached for my hammer! I did punch an extra set of holes in one blank before pounding. I learned early on that work hardening before punching holes leads to sadness. But they weren’t distressed enough, so I grabbed a sanding block. And finally, yes, it was ready for a coat of spray.

Next I tackled the brown oval cabochons. I’d been toying with the idea of using sew-on findings as multi-strand components for a while, so this was my opportunity to do a test run without the anxiety of a long term beading commitment! I ordered up these twisted daggers (#23277) when they came in. And the superduos were claimed not long after. I also used 2-holed silky beads, and brown Miyuki drops. It was a super-easy project, just two bits o’ wire with beads! (and a clasp- of course!)

How about a quick project that isn’t jewelry? I used berry-colored beads to make a right-angle-weave cluster. Most of the time you see these clusters made of tiny pearls or crystals, but why not super-size it for a holiday ornament? I used bits of copper chain on a wrapped loop of wire for my tassel, and more of the same chain for a hanging loop. Then I forgot to pack it for my trip to Florida. Perhaps next year it will make it to my Mother’s tree!

It was ten minutes to 12...could I squeeze in just one more thing? Yup, earrings! There were two loopy findings in my box that were plated or metallic coating over plastic. The red drops are acrylic, so together they are feather light. Because the last thing you want when you’re squeezed for time, is to have your earrings dragging you