Confessions of a Crystal Hoarder Blog

Confessions of a Crystal Hoarder Blog

Just Like the Holiday Season

Posted by Elizabeth Hamilton on Jan 16th 2013

This year the time between my Mom’s birthday, my birthday,Thanksgiving, and Christmas seemed shorter than usual. In fact, it’s rare that the order works out that way. Typically my family’s schedule is: Mom’s birthday, Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas. Either way it’s 27 days from start to why did we all feel so rushed this year? 

I decided to channel all those holiday feelings into my creations from the December treasure box.

The warm-up was this simple metallic necklace, and yes my cynicism is shining through here, is like many times when ideas seem simple, but you just keep having to repeat yourself. At this time of year for me the repeating refrains are: “Where did I put the tape this time?” and “I swear my scissors were here a moment ago!” Even sorting the vintage metallic beads in the box was like getting out wrapping supplies- but far more relaxing!

This bracelet of golden connectors and Swarovski pearls was inspired my inability to keep my gift lists straight. In the end I guessed which gifts were ordered for whom. This bracelet however, came together easily, and although bendy, was really quite straightforward.

I used 3 sizes of pearls, using the largest to force the fan shaped sections wider between the connectors. The clasp was blank when Suzanne found them, and I used a lucite cab from my hoard that complimented the color.

My pink necklace is an homage to holiday grocery shopping. You circle around and around and the pile in your cart grows and grows, but OOPS! that ingredient you need is back on the other side of the store again...I used the faux pearls in two sizes to form a helix of right angle weave. Three sides of my RAW unit were the wee pearls with my western compass point being the larger size.

The whole thing was still really floppy, so I used more large pearls to reinforce the design between the units. That made my helix much happier! Since gravity pulls the beadwork apart like a dangling slinky, I used pearls as spacers between the rounds and strung it in place.

The holidays aren’t all craziness, and like Christmas afternoon at my Mom’s house, sometimes you get the chance to just play around with a new toy. In this case I had fun with a multistrand clasp that arrived in my box, Superduos, hex beads and Miyuki Magatamas in two colors. I’d been seeing photos of all sorts of two-holed bead bracelets on Pinterest and took a stab at it myself. I was inspired by a cuff by Lilith Gyöngyékszerek, but chose to construct my cuff perpendicular to hers. The mags were just a fun addition that reminded me of lights on a tree.

Of course the best part of my holidays is seeing my family, even if I could do without Florida’s 86 degree days! I hope your holiday season was full of warmth and merriment, and I wish you a great