Confessions of a Crystal Hoarder Blog

Confessions of a Crystal Hoarder Blog

Around We Go

Posted by Elizabeth Hamilton on Sep 16th 2014

This month I wanted to beadweave. I looked upon the contents of the treasure box and saw my opportunity to brush up on my basic skills. But I also didn’t want to get bogged down. So how do a lot of weaving without a lot of waiting? 


My first idea was to weave bands around my assortment, each pair using a different stitch. I got off to a good start with these peachy swirled beads. I used satin copper 2-holed brick beads square stitched with seed beads. There is a little superglue on the beading wire to keep the beads from shifting on the wire.

I love how light vintage plastic beads are- if you tried to wear this pair of earring in stone, you’re lobes would be cursing you by lunchtime!

Next I worked on a pair using right angle weave around black oblong beads. The silver-toned beads are hollow. My bands did not want to stay on the beads. So these too were attacked (and tacked) with a little glue. Just add headpins and voila- done!

If I could surround my beads in beads...perhaps I could surround them in chain. I’d planned to make lovely vintage chain tasselearrings. Over the course of assembling the first one, I vowed to get new bent nose pliers. RRRRRR! My pliers. Somewhere in my travels I lost a pair, so I was using one needle nose and one bent. Neither pair were top of the line, since I've had them since I began beading, and wasn't sure the hobby would stick. Neither wanted to hold onto the tiny links of chain. I am putting new pliers on my holiday list...if I can hold out that long.

I ended up with a necklace.

Needless to say, I was quite happy to pick up my needle. So happy in fact, that I whipped out a pair of peyote bezeled stones. I chose silver lined clear seed beads (11s and 15s) to match the faceted glass stones from my box. One of my hang-ups with cab bezeling is how much of the object I end up covering in trying to get the piece secure. So the idea was to blend the bezel with the stone. The backs are completely covered to protect the foil. The earrings are embellished with 4, 6, and 8mm bicones.

I purchased Swarovski gunmetal plated cup chain as soon as I saw it in New Finds last year. But I hadn't used it yet. I've been keeping my strands in reserve waiting for a special project. Well, shouldn't every project be a special project?

The turquoise glass cabs in the box were a perfect match, so it was time to sew. I didn't bezel the small stones. Since they are flat-backed, and on stiffened felt instead of my typical Ultrasuede, I’m letting E-6000 do the work.

I must have gotten into an embroidery frenzy. I really like Picasso finished beads. And I used up what I had in stock plus a carefully culled assortment from a different colorway to fill in what I was lacking. I also had a little package of Risos that pulled out the olive in my seed beads. Both are “Turquoise” Picasso...

This pair, made for myself has no decoration whatsoever. I’m probably going to redo them, and mount the barrel on chain. They’re just a bit too stiff on titanium wire.

Or maybe they just need a little bit of beading around them aft