Pink Amethyst Buzz

Pink Amethyst Buzz

Posted by Lauren Branca-O'Dell on Sep 4th 2022

You may have been hearing a lot of buzz about Pink Amethyst recently! Wait, I thought Amethyst was purple?! That’s what I thought too! However, Pink Amy is in fact a real thing! An out of this world gorgeous gem that is absolutely worth adding to your collection of lovelies!

Pink Amethyst is a very new mineral, it was discovered in 2017 in Patagonia, Argentina at El Chiquada mine. There has been great debate about whether or not Pink Amethyst is even Amethyst at all, many people have argued that it is Rose Quartz or simply Pink Quartz. Why didn’t they just call it pink quartz? Scientists have studied this new mineral and have found it to be closer to amethyst than any other major mineral. Therefore, pink amethyst was an appropriate name. Pink quartz is already spoken for, it's called rose quartz!

I bet you are curious as to how pink amethyst gets its color? The beautiful dusty pink hue occurs when hematite enters during the crystallization phase. Rose quartz gets its color from titanium, iron & manganese. Another major difference between the two is how they naturally form in the Earth. Pink Amethyst is euhedral, meaning it has formed facets in the raw specimens. Rose quartz is anhedral, meaning it forms without the presence of crystal facets. In other words, it looks like a rock. The two minerals also have differences when they are tumbled. Pink Amethyst has white and dark swirls within itself, rose quartz only has white. To answer the question yes pink amethyst is real!

Metaphysically Pink Amethyst is a great stone for love and taps into the divine feminine energy. Often times when we think of the word love we think of romantic love, Pink Amethyst is all about the selflove! This crystal is amazing for helping you fall in love with life & yourself all over again. I so dig that! It is also an amazing crystal for anyone experiencing times of grief or sadness. Pink Amethyst has calming and stress relieving effects to the beholder just like purple amethyst. Wrap yourself up in the warm nurturing energy that Pink Amethyst has to offer! Such a lovely stone!