Larimar Beads

We, at A Grain of Sand, have been amazed by the stone Larimar for some time. While on vacation in the Dominican Republic, I first fell in love with this beautiful stone. It's no wonder that they call it the "Jewel of the Caribbean". Larimar’s gorgeous robin’s egg blue color is natural. There is only one Larimar mine in the world and it's under the ocean in the Dominican Republic. Larimar is actually volcanic material. Some specimens of Larimar have coral embedded within them. Because Larimar is volcanic material, it is very hard and therefore difficult to cut or drill into beads, and thus the high price. We think Larimar is well worth it! Larimar stone beads are said to help us view events from many different perspectives. Larimar also represents peace, clarity, healing and love.

The larimar gemstone is known as the crystal of serenity among the precious stones. The powerful jewel promotes relaxation in all known aspect. If you're a worrisome individual, then this stone is perfect for you. You can either wear it or place it in your home or in the workplace. The presence of the larimar gemstone creates a positive and pleasant environment.

If you're looking for a gemstone that promotes a relaxing environment, clear communication, and protection during pregnancy, then larimar is a brilliant choice among the known crystal stones. Get yours at A Grain of Sand today and enjoy the healing benefits and beauty of larimar gemstone beads.