Iolite Beads

Iolite is a gem-quality variety of cordierite with a history dating back hundreds of years. As jewelry, you will find colors of blue, gray, slightly violet blue, and almost colorless Iolite stones. The mineral has a vitreous luster and can either be translucent or transparent. There are no treatment or enhancement processes to improve the jewel. However, crafters can enhance its color and tone with a professional cutting method.

The silicate material is called cordierite by geologists when it is in its gem quality. Both crafters and collectors call it iolite in the jewelry world. Jewelry crafters step-cut the precious stone to get the best version of the cordierite mineral. Iolite is one of the few jewels that are intentionally "windowed" or shallow cut to improve its tone.

The use and purpose of iolite for healing practitioners as a gemstone are numerous. The jewel helps recover one's balance and aid those who are suffering from disorientation. If you have poor motivation, then this is the perfect stone for you. People who are disorganized and easily distracted should try wearing one of these to improve their focus.

Iolite is a powerful stone capable of healing the human body through detoxification. It also helps improve the condition of our liver. According to healing practitioners, wearing iolite will help in supporting a stronger constitution. The gemstone assesses the inner paths of one's self. You can improve your shamanic vision and accuracy with the aid of the jewel. The wearer's psychic gifts are awakened and sustained with the help of an iolite stone. The gemstone also improves your focused state of meditation to achieve a calm mind.

At A Grain of Sand, we offer beautiful and genuine iolite stone beads for jewelry and metaphysical purposes. Wear stylish jewelry with metaphysical benefits to improve your appearance, general health, and well-being.

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