RARE Highly Polished Chrysoprase Round Beads-12mm

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15" Strand

You are absolutely going to love these gorgeous strands of highly polished Chrysoprase beads. The natural colors of these 12mm round beads are spectacular, lovely shades of green, white and brown with clarity from opaque to translucent. Polished rounds are always such a nice addition to any design. Mostly found in Australia. Chrysoprase is prized for its rarity and opalescent apple-green color. Its name comes from Greek words chryso for golden and prason for leek. Chrysoprase is known for its strong healing powers and stimulation of ones creative forces. You are really going to love the natural mossy inclusions within these Chrysoprase round beads. Its RARE to find these lovely stones in this large size, if you love em, get em.

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