Black Onyx / Black Agate Beads

Black Onyx / Black Agate Beads

All Black Onyx / Black Agate Beads

Most known for its healing and protective powers, the onyx is a symbol of protection for the ancient people.

The gemstone is also a popular amulet spiritual journeys. The powerful, protection stone absorbs negative energy to help with the development of emotional and physical strength as well as stamina. The precious stone also encourages the wearer's wise decision-making.

Onyx is an excellent stone for entrepreneurs because it is said to help with quick and smart decisions.

The onyx is a solid black gemstone formed by the geological process of deposition of silica. Silicon dioxide in gas cavities in lava creates the distinctive stripes in the most popular, warrior stone. Today, the black gemstone can be found in various parts of the world.

The traditional black gemstone is believed to increase strength and self-control. The stone also promotes good health and increased stamina. Onyx is used to treat different types of diseases such as soft tissues disorders, toothaches, blood, and bone marrow disease.

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