Turquoise Beads

One of the oldest known minerals, turquoise stones date back to 5500 B.C. ancient Egypt or earlier. Turquoise was known to mean quality and we certainly have some beads that say, "I'm a quality turquoise bead!" Turquoise Gem Stones add a special natural color to your jewelry designs.

Metaphysical Goodness:  Native American Indians believed the turquoise stones joined the spirits of the sky and oceans to bless warriors in battle. The Navajo Indians, on the other hand, felt that casting a turquoise stone into a waterway and summoning the spirit of the rain god resulted in a good rainfall.

Other ancient people used turquoise beads to gain insight into the future, prevent danger, influence dreams, predict weather events, protect animals and gain wealth and other good fortunes. Find the perfect turquoise beads below that matches your own personal feelings.