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When used properly, the sodalite is a powerful gemstone capable of protecting the individual from darkness by improving intuition. As a gemstone, it helps open your intuitive abilities, while providing the strength and energy you need to reach your higher consciousness. The stone will improve your attention to idealism and truth.

The rare rock-forming mineral known for its blue to blue-violet color with white markings or streaks is used as jewelry, gemstone, an architectural stone, and material for sculptures. Today, it is a popular choice for healing practitioners due to its uses and healing abilities. When polished, the precious stone is a favorite among many jewelry collectors because of its beautiful, richer, and elegant color. Although considered as a rare gemstone, the sodalite is inexpensive compared to the other rare crystal stones. The sodalite can be used as a substitute or alternative for other gemstones.

Known as the "poet's stone," the blue gemstone helps improve public speaking and general communication. If you're having a hard time with public speaking or other types of oral communication, the precious stone is a must-have stone for you. Aside from aiding one's intuition, the gemstone is also renowned for its ability to enhance intelligence and reasoning. The gemstone is perfect for students and individuals who need improvement in the area of logic.

For those who desire to accelerate the development of their psychic gifts, the sodalite gemstone can enhance the developmental process. The sodalite has strong metaphysical properties known to stimulate the individual's latent creative abilities. Boost your intuition, self-discipline, and ability to live a truthful life with the powerful gemstone.

Improve your intuition, intelligence, truth, and general perspective in life with this wonderful blue gemstone. Select your sodalite beads from our inventory and get your powerful protection stone today. Check out our selection of high-quality sodalite beads in our online shop!