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If you're looking for a stone that can help you create deep spiritual awareness, the Pietersite or also known as the tempest stone, brings cleansing energy to assist you in your quest for change. The Pietersite is a rare stone with dark -gray or reddish color with streaks or swirls of gold or orange.
Often referred to as the tempest stone due to its stormy appearance, the gemstone is capable of removing negative energies to restore one's calm demeanor. It also assists in treating emotional problems to improve an individual's health and well-being. The stone aids in enhancing the focus and personal will of the individual.

Aside from encouraging calmness, the Pietersite is a powerful stone that protects the individual from different elements. If you're someone who's uncomfortable during a storm, then the Pietersite gemstone is perfect for you. The stone also guards and calms your pets and livestock during bad weather condition. If you're worried about the radiation from technological devices in your home or office, the tempest stone acts as a barrier against the harmful effects of technology.

Enhance your personal will, intuitive abilities, and self-esteem with our stunning Pietersite beads. Protect yourself and your loved ones from harm and the harsh elements with this lovely and powerful gemstone.

Pietersite semi-precious gemstones crystallize in the form of masses, the structure is a result of inclusion in jasper. The Pietersite semi precious stones mineral exhibits an energitic quality. It was discovered by Sld Pieters, Windhoek, Namibia, and is truly lovely. Pietersite gemstone beads have been said to contain the "keys to the kingdom of heaven," dispelling illusion and assisting one in the recognition of the beauty of the soul.

Pietersite semi-precious stones exhibit an energy conductive to the actualization of the loving characteristics of the "brotherhood" of humanity. It promotes loyalty to the self and to the ultimate experience of life. The peitersite gemstone beads are minerals that can be used to stimulate the pituitary gland to provide the proper regulation of the other endocrine glands and to produce, in the proper quantity, the hormones concerned with growth, sex, metabolism, blood pressure, and body temperature.

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