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Whether you're talking about an Australian Opal or a Peruvian Opal Bead, a Fire opal or a Common Opal, all opals share certain characteristics. Latin for the term Precious Stone, Opal--despite its dehydration, softness, cracking and heat sensitive properties--is a valuable stone that is comprised of layers of precipitated silica spheres. The order of the layering often produces a rainbow sparkling effect.

Once believed all around the world as bad luck or evil stone because of Sir Walter Scott's Novel, Anne of Geuerstein, opal's popularity and value as precious jewelry and gemstone began to rise nearly 50 years after.
The Greek word for opal is opallios which means to see a change of color. Its Roman word Opalus means precious stone. According to the ancient Greeks, the beautiful gemstone is the tears of joy of Zeus after defeating the Titans. Today, opal is considered among the most beautiful gemstones in our planet.
Opal is the birthstone for October which is why it is a best-seller among people born on this month. The lovely stone symbolizes hope and purity. For the ancient Romans, the gemstone is considered as a symbol of hope and good fortune. Most civilizations see opal as a precious stone that increases one's luck. You can give it as a special gift to your friends and family because it is a protective stone.
Did you know that Queen Victoria's favorite jewelry happens to be opal? The queen has a collection of premium quality opal jewelry from all over the British Empire.
Fall in love with the intoxicating colors and lovely patterns of opal. The opal is a special gemstone that you can add to your collection. 

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