Obsidian Beads

Obsidian is an excellent grounding stone and excellent protective stone. Obsidian beads provides a shield against negativity. Rainbow obsidian brings light and love to ones life, allowing for the recognition of the spiritual side one ones nature....it is a stone of pleasure.

Obsidian is also known as the "psychic vacuum cleaner" due to its spiritual and emotional cleansing abilities. The ingenious rock is a mineraloid formed above the surface of the earth. Most obsidian gemstones come in black color. However, there are precious stones that are brown, tan, green, orange, blue, yellow, or red. The volcanic glass was once used to make cutting tools and spearheads during the Stone Age due to its softness.
For healing practitioners, obsidian is a sought-after gemstone because of its protective ability, stabilizing and grounding effects. The gemstone is perfect for new practitioners because of its ability to stabilize the mind. As a protective stone, it shields the wearer from fear, anger, anxiety, addiction, and other shadow traits. The powerful protection gemstone also helps the wearer identify his dark side for better healing and treatment.
In our chaotic world, a protection stone like this is a valuable collection to any individual. Personal protection is the most important nowadays due to the increased violence around us. Aside from protection from physical danger, the gemstone is known as a bodyguard of the soul. It keeps the individual free from negative thoughts and emotions by acting as a reflection of one's inner self. The black stone also sweeps and cleans the sad and bad parts of our past.
Today, obsidian stone comes in different cut, shape, and designs to accommodate the preference of customers. Obsidian gemstone beads can look great as jewelry. Natural rainbow black obsidian beads and polished obsidian beads are among the popular and elegant jewels that will accentuate most attire. Regardless of its style, cut, and design, a genuine obsidian stone brings healing and protection to the wearer.
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