Kyanite Beads

Kyanite is a famous aluminosilicate mineral used in refractory and ceramic products. Aside from its function as jewelry, it is also a significant piece in electronics, abrasives, and electrical insulators. In the world of jewelry, crafters consider the stone a semiprecious gemstone for its attractive color.

Mainly found in metamorphic rocks, the long crystal has a variable hardness. Unlike most precious gemstones, you won't find kyanite on most jewelry shops. If you are interested in purchasing and owning kyanite either as jewelry or gemstone, the best place to search is in jewelry stores with connections to mineral dealers.

The best kyanites are in blue colors. The most popular among these are the transparent gemstones with deep sapphire-blue colors. While difficult to cut due to its hardness, it is not uncommon to find blue gemstones in the market today.

As pieces of jewelry, they are beautiful and attractive. As gemstones, they are popular for their uses and purposes. The stone encourages loyalty and equality to its wearer. It is also a popular stone for its ability to promote good communication in the workplace and in different settings and situations. The black colored kyanite stimulated environmental healing while assisting the evolution of our planet earth.

Like most gemstones, it has physical healing energy that encourages the improvement of our general health and well-being. Kyanite helps balance the yin and yang energies. It also encourages the emotional healing of an individual. The stone grounds spiritual energy and helps the wearer by removing the blind fate or bad karma.

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