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Jasper is a sacred stone revered by ancient people due to its healing abilities and protective powers. Physicians, scholars, magicians, poets, lapidaries, and scientists use the powerful gemstone because of its physical and magical abilities.

Jasper stones are impure varieties of silica with common colors of red, yellow, brown, and green. The rare color of blue is sought after by healing practitioners due to its powers to connect you to the spiritual world.

The Jasper stone is also known as the nurturer. It is known as an all-in-one stone that gives you the best of both worlds. If you're looking for physical healing and protection from all sorts of dangers, then this crystal is perfect for you.

As fine-grained quartz mixed with other minerals, the Jasper produces unique markings. With its opaque color, you can add it to most of your jewelry design and improve its natural beauty. Jewelry crafters mix and match it with other gemstones to create wonderful pieces of jewelry. When it comes to its healing and calming benefits, you need to choose the right color to achieve your goals. Use the correct color for the specific chakra to make sure you get the best results. Additionally, the jasper stone improves general health and well-being because it helps balance the yin and yang elements.

If you need a gemstone for strength and calm, jasper beads and focal stones are great accessories to wear. Today, you can find many different jewelry designs for Jasper. A Grain of Sand delivers premium quality jasper beads for jewelry crafters and healing practitioners. With our selections of high-quality beads, you will not only get the healing benefits of the jasper stone but also its beauty as jewelry. Choose an item from our inventory and add another piece of art to your collections!