Herkimer Diamond Beads

Herkimer Diamonds are quartz formations which because of their brilliance and diamond shape have been given the name. These diamonds are naturally faceted right out of the earth.  This is a rare natural occurrence which is one of the reasons these Herkimer Diamond beads and stones are so special.  Mined only in Herkimer, NY. Herkimer diamonds help release energy blockages and also help enhance dream recall. You will just love our selection of Herkimer Diamond beads.

Although they are not actually diamonds, they are double-terminated quartz crystals prized for their natural faceting and clarity. As an "attunement stone," Herkimer diamonds are famous and sought after for their ability to attune to another individual, group or environment. The crystal quartz is known as high energy seekers among the spiritual crystals.

Healing practitioners use Herkimer diamonds for their therapeutic effects. They are used as powerful, crystal quartz capable of improving the physical and mental health of an individual. Aside from their healing abilities, Herkimer diamonds, beads, and focal beads are also beautiful jewelry that will fit well with most attire.