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The garnet gem stone beads have long been recognized for their use as an anti-inflammatory and blood-clotting agent. Some Asiatic tribes once used garnet semi precious stones as bullets, believing that the red stone would cause a more deadly wound than a leaden bullet. An ancient Greco-Roman tradition claims that when engraved with the image of a dragon and worn, the garnets gemstone beads bring riches, joy and good health.

Healing PROPERTIES: The garnet bead keeps wife, mother and family safe. The red garnet gem stone beads represent profound love. The garnet bead provides abundance, increases intelligence, encourages education, honor and change. A garnet gem stone promotes truthfulness, healing and understanding. Garnets balance solitude and peace.

Healing practitioners believe in the spiritual healing and healing properties of the stone. The stone is said to help improve the control of energy flow. When the energy flow is in balance, the wearer's physical, intellectual, and emotional conditions are at their best.

Aside from its healing properties, the red stone is also known worn ornamentally as a gorgeous gemstone. And since there are different types of garnet stones, the buyer has many options on what to wear. Overall, the gem has benefits, either a jewelry collector or healing practitioner would love. Check out the selection of high-quality garnet beads in our inventory for your reference.

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