Fluorite Beads

Fluorite is a mineral made up of calcium fluoride. The gemstone has a transparent or translucent appearance that enhances its natural beauty. Fluorite comes in different shades of colors and has been known as the most colorful mineral found on our planet. As an allochromatic mineral, fluorite in its pure form is colorless but can be tinted with elemental impurities.

This stone is among the more popular crystals used for their beauty and healing benefits. Also known as the fluorspar, the stone has profound effects on the human body as a healing crystal. Healing practitioners use it to improve the physical, emotional, and mental health of the wearer.

Another benefit of fluorite crystals is the improvement of the human energy field. According to experienced users and healing crystal experts, the overall energy levels of the wearer improves with the wearing of the stone. Enjoy the beauty of fluorite beads and experience the healing powers and abilities of the precious stone.

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