Dumortrierite Beads

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Often used in the manufacture of top-quality porcelain, dumortierite quartz is a minor blue gemstone found in Brazil, USA, Madagascar, Peru, Austria, and Nambia. Also known as blue denim stone, the dumortierite quartz is used in cabochons and lapidary carvings.

Although pure dumortierite gemstones are rarely found, the commonly produced quartz with inclusions of dumortierite has either vitreous or silky luster. Unlike most precious stones, it does not undergo treatment or enhancement since they are natural stones. The gemstone quartz has an attractive, deep violet to blue color. Sometimes, the color may come in pink and brown. Unfortunately, due to its lack of clarity and dull luster as a gemstone, the stone is not used as a gemstone.

Dumortierite quartz is a blue stone used for its benefits as a powerful gemstone. The crystal enhances the level of patience and improves your intellectual abilities. The jewel also develops potential psychic powers of the wearer.

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