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A citrine bead is the yellow or golden yellow variety of quartz. The citrine pendant gets its yellow coloration due to the presence of iron. The coloration of the citrine bead also responsible for the name, derived from the word citrus. Natural citrine stones are usually a pale yellow, most citrine pendant beads are found in Brazil, Spain, Madagascar and the former USSR.

Citrine stones were a prized stone among the Celtic and Scottish people. It is energizing, invigorating, and positive. Citrine semi-precious gemstones increase motivation and relieves feelings of inertia, thereby improving digestion and clearing congestion from the internal organs. Citrine may work to purify the blood as well.

PROPERTIES: Keeps sister and journey safe. Raises self-esteem. Brings about cheerful demeanor. Heightens perception. Enhances creativity, promotes harmony. Encourages kindness, brings wisdom. Helps achieve one's destiny. Stores information. good for cleansing.

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