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Chrysoprase is one of the most valuable chalcedony (quartz) gemstones.  Mostly found in Australia.  Chrysoprase is prized for its rarity and opalescent apple-green color. Its name comes from Greek words chryso for golden and prason for leek. Lemon chrysoprase is actually chalcedony said to improve fertility. It has been used to help to heal a broken heart.

It is hard to ignore the natural looks and metaphysical properties of the chrysoprase. Also known for encouraging happiness in life, the chrysoprase is one of the best healing of the variety of chalcedony. The term chalcedony is applied to cryptocrystalline quartz in the jewelry industry.

Unlike the emerald, chrysoprase receives its green color from trace amounts of nickel compounds. The beautiful stone is best sourced from Western Australia, Germany, Poland, Brazil, and in some parts of the United States. By polishing the gemstone, the green stone's natural beauty is maximized.

Chrysoprase was a favorite of Alexander the Great and is worn today by many known celebrities.

These beads are excellent fillers to any jewelry project. Focal beads of the green gemstone are also attractive and sought after for their healing properties. Today, healing practitioners and people in need of the mystical powers of the stone wear chrysoprase beads for its restorative benefits.

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