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Semi-precious Charoite is an unusual mineral of rare occurrence that is only found in the Chara River area of Siberia. It has shades of violet and deep purple with veins of black, gray, and white. It is said that putting Charoite gem stones under your pillow at night will chase away the fears that appear in your dreams. 

Charoite is a rare mineral that was discovered in Russia in 1978. Since its discovery in the Murun mountains in Yakutia, Serbia, the precious stone has been a popular option in jewelry crafting.

Today, the gorgeous color of charoite makes it among the more popular choices among jewelry collectors and crafters around the world.

The colors of charoite range from bright lavender to dark purple. Charoite beads are great additions to most pieces of jewelry because of their color and visual appeal.

Due to its rareness, the charoite is often used in jewelry that is special to the owner. Charoite displays rich, purple tones that bring out the elegance of jewelry.

Unlike most precious stones, the gemstone presents an unusual appearance due to its strange looking spiral strands. The property of chatoyancy (Cat’s eye effect) also adds to the uniqueness of the gemstone.

Despite being found only in Russia, the gemstone is sold all around the world.

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