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Also known as the singer's stone, the carnelian is a captivating stone because of its beauty and healing properties.

The gemstone is a brownish-red mineral found in India, Germany, Siberia, and Brazil. The warm, colorful stone is made from microcrystalline quartz.

The carnelian stone was the more popular gemstone in Ancient Egypt due to its vibrant color and luster.

Used by royalties in their jewelry, the polished carnelian crystal accentuate the beauty of its wearer. The Ancient Romans were also mesmerized by the beauty of the gemstone. In fact, the crystal stone was used as a popular fashion trend among the men and women of Ancient Rome.

Aside from its visual aesthetic, the carnelian stone is known to possess healing properties and a confidence-booster.

As an orange stone, the carnelian aids in the balancing body energy levels. During the Medieval Period, the crystal stone was used for its healing abilities.

Today, the carnelian stone is among the popular types of gemstones used in various jewelry projects. If you're looking for excellent quality materials, A Grain of Sand sells some of the world's excellent carnelian crystal stone.

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