Blue Goldstone Beads

Despite being an artificial gem, the Goldstone possesses a beauty that puts it in the league of gemstones.

The stone is a type of glittering glass consisting of tiny copper flecks. The substitution of cobalt for copper results in the silvery appearance of the man-made gemstone.

Also known as the stone of ambition, blue goldstone is revered for its ability to enhance communication and learning while connecting its wearer with the divine.

Alternative medicine practitioners use the stone for its healing benefits. Blue goldstone is believed to improve circulation and enhance the physical well-being of the wearer. According to healing practitioners, the stone of wisdom and science emphasize the importance of reaching for the light in the darkness.

The gemstone is also revered to possesses metaphysical properties that enhances telepathic communication while attracting fame and success. Don't be surprised if you see Hollywood celebrities wearing blue goldstone jewelry.

Since its discovery in the 17th century, the glass has been used in various types of jewelry. A Grain of Sand sells blue goldstone beads and focal beads of high quality.

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