Aventurine Beads

Due to its natural beauty and healing properties, aventurine is an excellent option for jewelry crafters and healing practitioners. The aventurine is a gemstone variety of quartz containing sparkling minerals. This translucent gemstone composed of muscovite mica gives it its shades of medium to dark green.

High-quality aventurine stones are used as great pieces of jewelry. However, the green stones were also revered for their healing prowess during the early centuries. The precious stone is also considered as one of the luckiest stones. It is one of the must-have gemstones whether you're a jewelry collector or a mystical healing practitioner.

Aventurine is an all-around healing stone used to treat heart problems, liver, and lung diseases. Most of the collectors use aventurine to access its positive energy. By sitting quietly with the gemstone in your hand, you can harness its healing powers.

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