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Previously used as a source of phosphate, Apatite beads are typically used as gemstones in Apatite jewelry. Found in areas such as Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar and Mozambique, Apatite beads are said to ease stress and reduce nervous tension. Apatite is known to encourage inspiration as well as stimulate the throat charka for self-expression, teaching, healing, and verbally expressing yourself. Various colors make up this transparent mineral including yellow, green and blue apatite beads.

Not found in jewelry stores until recently, collectors are known to cherish these yellow, green and blue Apatite beads because of its many forms and shades. Apatite beads are appreciated at A Grain of Sand! Browse for your selection below.

Commonly known for its healing and spiritual properties, Apatite is the mineral found in our bones and teeth.

Found in South Africa, the United States, Canada and Norway, the mineral is used as fertilizers and is proposed as a storage of nuclear waste. The gorgeous gemstones are products of the best quality Apatite mined.

The color of the gemstone is brings to mind the gorgeous tropical waters of the Caribbean. With its sea green brilliance, the stone is used in necklace and earring to display the reflection of water. (See all of our  Gemstones)

Apatite care requires simple cleaning with mild soap and tap water. A soft cloth is enough to clean the surface of the sensitive stone. Chemicals, heat, ammonia, and abrasives can ruin the gemstone and should never be used in maintaining its elegance.

Aside from jewelry collectors and creators, energy practitioners use the gemstone for its mental and physical benefits. The stone is widely believed to possess benefits that can boost your mental and physical state.

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