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A naturally occurring crystal, Ametrine is a favorite variety of quartz. The gemstone is a mixture of citrine and amethyst which are both varieties of quartz crystal. The beautiful stone possesses the energy of the two quartz crystal which allows spiritual and mental clarity. Ametrine also unites the masculine and feminine energies of the wearer. For crystologists, Ametrine is one of the best two-in-one stone.

With its transparent physical property and lovely color, jewel creators use Ametrine for the way it catches the light. You can find the precious ornament in pendants and earrings. The stone is also among the popular jewel given as a gift or used as a centerpiece in minimalist jewelry design.

Aside from its physical properties, energy practitioners value the often overlooked magical properties of the gemstone.  The energy of the stone has the perfect magical properties for the wearer. According to energy experts, ametrine gemstone can help the wearer in his or her everyday life. The wearer receives the power of the stone which improves almost all facet of life from relationship to career.

Jewelry collectors and creators nowadays prefer ametrine because it is a combination of amethyst and citrine. As mentioned above, it is the perfect two-in-one stone for the gemstone lover. It is a cost-efficient way to enjoy the two quartz crystal in a single stone and gives you a unique story for your jewelry to tell.

Today, there are ametrine stones produced from synthetic material. With the perfection of industrialized production of the gemstone, mass production of low priced ametrine is on the rise.

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Ametrine is a variety of quartz that contains both amethyst and citrine sectors in the same crystal. Both amethyst and citrine are colored by small amounts of iron. Our natural ametrine beads are produced from the Anahi mine in Eastern Bolivia.