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Amazonite is an ancient gemstone known as Amazon stone. The stone has been prized for its natural beauty and healing powers since the ancient times. The color of the Amazonite ranges from blue-green to green. Amazonite is carved into gemstones, amulets, and in some cases, statues. The stone is known for its beauty and healing benefits.

Today, amazonite beads and focal beads are popular varieties of gemstones for many jewelry crafters and owners. The verdant shade of blue-green represents the color of the Amazon River. In some cases, the precious stone is mistaken for turquoise or chrysoprase due to their similarities in color.

The amazonite semi precious stone bead is a green or blue-green stone that often contains white streaks. The amazonite stone can also be found in yellow and blue colors. Long thought to soothe the nervous system and brain, the amazonite stone is said to enhance your analytical and intuitive abilities. An amazonite bead also helps you organize information and communicate clearly.

Also known as the "hope" stone, the beautiful gemstone possesses calming and soothing energies. Amazonite is a powerful heart chakra stone that stimulates the release of toxic emotions from within. The gemstone beads also improve the organization and communication skills of the wearer. The healing and magical benefits of the use of the amazonite are sought after by crafters and healing practitioners.

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