Baroque Freshwater Natural Pinkish Peach Pearl Beads

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16 inch Strand

6-7mm. These are sensational pink to peachy baroque freshwater pearl beads. The sizes and shapes vary. Some are fused, some are long and thin, and some are just unique in shape. If you want some unusual pearls... . this is your deal. Very nice luster pearl beads. A super deal for these beauties.

What's a Baroque Pearl exactly?

The term baroque is used to describe the shape of a pearl. A baroque pearl can be a little irregular in shape or a very abstract pearl. Baroque pearls can be freshwater pearls or saltwater pearls.  A cultured pearl or naturally occurring pearl can have a baroque shape too. So to sum it up, baroque pearls are pearls with an irregular, uneven or non-spherical shape. It's all about the shape of the pearl folks!  The fact of the matter is, all pearls that are not round could be classified as baroque pearls. Yes, coin peal beads, rice shape pearls, keishi pearl beads, biwi pearls, center drilled button pearls and even head drilled dangling pearls can all be classified as baroque pearls. When we describe a pearl as baroque in the website catalog, we are referring to the uniqueness of shape.  Most of our baroque freshwater pearl beads are higher quality pearls because we are looking for quality pearl beads that are unique for our customers to design with. 
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