Vintage Bakelite Crystal Belted Rondell Beads

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4 Beads
24 x 12mm

One of our favorite finds from the famous vintage bead hoard, These are very rare authentic vintage Bakelite rondell beads embellished with a belt of crystals. These vintage beads are exceptionally special because they are authentic Bakelite.  Why is Bakelite so special?  It was invented in 1908 and produced through the 1930's. Bakelite was called the material of a thousand uses. Bakelite was only made for a short period of time and there is no other material out there that compares!  The feel and look of Vintage Bakelite is what has intrigued us here at A Grain of Sand. We are selling these stunningly beautiful Bakelite beads in packages of 4.