Rhinestone Settings

12581.jpgBead Set Rhinestone Settings:

This setting has small beads or burrs of metal that rise out of the base of the piece.  These tiny beads of metal hold the individual rhinestones in place. 


12582.jpgBezel Set Rhinestones:

This type of setting has bands of metal that are placed around each stone to hold them into place. 


12583.jpgChannel Set Rhinestones:

Here you can see that the rhinestones are resting in a metal channel and held into place by the outer edge of the channel. The stones are set side by side so that there no metal between the stones. 


12584.jpgPave Set Rhinestones:

In this example you will see that the small round stones are set in groups very close together so that the underlying metal surface is hidden. 


12585.jpgProng Set Rhinestones: 

This is a popular technique. Stones are set and then metal prongs are bent over the top of the stones. Some are set by machine and some are actually done by hand.