How to Date Swarovski Crystal

Just how old are those “Vintage Swarovski Crystals”?
How can I tell how old vintage Swarovski Crystals are? Let’s take the mystery out of it. . . .shall we? I have asked this same question myself during my quest for vintage Swarovski crystals. With the help of several people that have been in the jewelry business long before I started, I have compiled this information to share. The creation of the glamorous Aurora Borealis crystal effect was invented in 1956 in cooperation with Christian Dior. This is a very useful fact when looking at crystals that have the popular AB finish. With this simple fact you will know that all crystals that have the AB finish cannot be any older than 1956. The Swarovski manufacturer packaging really helps to date these beauties as well so we have taken packages out of our stock to show you what we have learned. 

D. S. W. Trade Mark – Pre 1949 Packaging
K. S. & Co. Trade Mark – Pre 1969 packaging
D.S. & Co. Trade Mark – 1970 to 1980 packaging
Swarovski White Box & Paper Packing – 1980’s
Swarovski Silver Box with Crystalized logo – 2006
New Crystalized Packaging – 2007 to present

Here are some other useful Swarovski Tags and Trademarks that may help identify Swarovski crystal beads and crystals:

We have also found tags on packaging of pre strung Swarovski Beads that were prestrung to accommodate certain designer’s requirements. Here is an example: 

This strand has graduated black diamond crystals all prestrung and ready for designer manufacturing.
This is a tag attached to a master hank of Rose Montees. In 1919 The brand name “Tyrolit” was first registered. Wattens is the small town that Daniel Swarovski moved his operation to.