Vintage Bakelite Beads - Marbled Green with a Blue Tone Smaller

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Stock #4 - These beads are 9mm round. Authentic vintage Bakelite beads!! No two beads are exactly alike. They all have their own wonderful uniqueness because of the slight color variation commonly known as the "End of Day" effect. You can actually see ribbons of yellow Bakelite within some of these beads that gives them a marbled look. This one is the smaller version of item #19584. These Bakelite beads were found in the famous vintage bead hoard.  Why is Bakelite so special?  It was invented in 1908 and produced through the 1930's.  Bakelite was called the material of a thousand uses. Bakelite was only made for a short period of time and there is no other material out there that compares!  The feel and look of Vintage Bakelite is what has intrigued us here at A Grain of Sand. Authentic Bakelite is not not so easy to find.  We are happy to say that these Bakelite beads and components are now available right here! All of our Bakelite has been tested for authenticity. 

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