Vintage Lucite & Fantastic Plastic Beads

Vintage lucite beads first appeared in the 1930s as safety coating for glass. The material became a popular choice for jewelry crafting over the next decade. These inexpensive pieces were used to create beautiful necklaces and brooches.

Lucite beads are popular choices among many jewelry crafters today due to the diverse options in the market. Unlike other beads, crafters have a wide range of selection when it comes to shapes, sizes, and designs with lucite beads. Vintage lucite beads create unique jewelry because of the limited supply and original craftsmanship. Each bead has a unique tinge to it.

The designer can mix and match the items to create unique works of art. The different shapes, sizes, color, and designs of vintage Lucite beads allow the crafter to come up with artistic jewelry.

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Whether you're using them as a necklace, bracelet or something else, there is a large selection of vintage plastic beads, vintage Lucite beads, & vintage acrylic beads in all different styles and from all over the world. Some of our bead styles come in a variety of colors. For example, the polka dot beads are available in blue, green, yellow, orange and white. So if you see a pretty bead in one color, we may have it in another. It can be a fun time searching for your vintage beads. Enjoy the experience.