Swarovski Crystal Pearls Article #5810 Bordeaux-8mm

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"Strand Of 50 Pearls"

CRYSTALLIZED̴̴̥ÌÓ_̴̴̥ÌÓÌ´Ì¥ÌÎå_Ì´Ì¥ÌÎÌÊÌ´Ì¥_̴̴̥ÌÓ̴̴̥_̴̴̥ÌÓ_̴̴̥ÌÓÌ´Ì¥ÌÎå__̴̴̥ÌÓ_̴̴̥ÌÓÌ´Ì¥ÌÎå_̴̴̥ÌÓ__̴̴̥ÌÓ_Ì´Ì¥ÌÎÌÊÌ´Ì¥ÌÎå_Ì´Ì¥ÌÎÌÊÌ´Ì¥_Ì´Ì¥ÌÎÌÊÌÎ_Ì´å£Ì´Ì¥Ì´ÌÓ_̴̴̥ÌÓÌ´Ì¥ÌÎå_Ì´Ì¥ÌÎÌÊÌ´Ì¥_̴̴̥ÌÓ̴̴̥_̴̴̥ÌÓ_Ì´Ì¥ÌÎÌÊÌ´Ì¥ÌÎå_Ì´Ì¥ÌÎÌÊÌ´Ì¥_Ì´Ì¥ÌÎÌÊÌÎ_Ì´å¢- Swarovski Elements. This is a 16" strand of 50 pearls with a coordinating nylon cord long enough so that you can string and knot these beauties.

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