Swarovski Crystal Clasps

Since the ancient times, clasps have played an important role in fashion.  After many years, jewelry crafters added gemstones on fasteners as decoration to the once simple fasteners.

Today, we find clasps with different gemstones in the market. Among the more popular stones on clasps are the Swarovski crystals from Austria.

Crafters and buyers who make jewelry will find these clasps to be refreshing to work with. Jeweled Clasps allow you to make unique jewelry because of the wide options available, and the fact that most crafters opt for the most inexpensive options available. Whether you are an amateur crafter or a professional jewelry maker, the variety of clasp styles offers an excellent experience in jewelry crafting.

These clasps are made with genuine Swarovski Crystals. 

*Please Note - Although the total size of the small round clasps may vary from 11 to 13mm between manufactured lots, the size of the crystals as well as the prices are always the same.  We hope you will enjoy these pretties.

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