RARE! Natural Golden Tourmaline Flat Beads-12mm Average

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16" Strand

12mm average size.These are RARE! golden tourmaline beads. The color is completely natural! The edges of the beads follow the natural contour of the stone. The beads have then been highly polished into flats. No two of these golden tourmaline beads are exactly alike in size or shape.   The name Touramline comes from the Sinhalese expression "tura mali" meaning stone of mixed colors. Tourmaline can be found in a wide variety of colors including green, pink, red, blue, yellow, brown, and black. This stone can also be bicolored (pink on the inside and green on the outside) which is aptly named watermelon or rainbow Tourmaline. Chiefly mined in Brazil and Africa, though some deposits of Tourmaline have been discovered in the United States. Tourmaline beads are said to enhance understanding and self confidence. 

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