Griffin Carded Silk Thread Size 6 Grey

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You will receive a 2 meter length of 100% natural silk with the needle attached.  Yes, the thread has the needle attached. You did hear that right. This natural silk cord is grey.  It's a steel grey which is a beautiful color to work with.  I can just picture this grey thread with some natural grey pearls. The size is a number 6 which is perfect for most pearls.  You will want the silk to be thick enough to fill the hole of your pearls adequately. We recommend the size #6 for that purpose.  Please check out our how to video on knotting pearls in the A Grain of Sand Bead University.   

If you are not delighted with your beads and beading supplies, we will gladly give you a store credit, exchange , or a refund within 30 days of purchase. Please see our shipping & returns page for the full details.